Enlightenment means your heart is always open

The heart is part of relative life. In relative life, nothing is always. Hearts are designed to sometimes feel open, and other times feel closed. This is how we know what feels right to engage with and what feels wrong to engage with. I think what matters is how open we are to what our heart actually feels. When our heart says no, but we say yes, that always brings trouble. When our heart says yes but we say no, that too brings trouble, as well as regret. But when we are aware of what our heart is feeling and when we align ourselves with that truth in each moment, we experience flow and awakening.

Myths of Enlightenment

Myths Of Enlightenment

I have issues with the word “enlightenment”. It seems to suggest an endless peak of spiritual awakeness, along with a lot of ideals about how enlightened people supposedly behave. In my over 45 years of helping people awaken their consciousness and realize unity and beyond, it’s become obvious that dropping these ideas is the first challenge to overcome before significant awakening is possible. 

The reason we need to let go of these images is because they keep us bound in cycles of negative self-judgment and comparison. We tend to think that if how we feel or how we act isn’t up to the highest standards, we don’t deserve enlightenment and we won’t achieve it. If we’re not meditating for hours each day and chanting blessings to all beings, we’re not worthy. The problem is that everyone is absolutely unique and there is no one thing we could call enlightenment. There is only the organic process of unfolding into deeper and deeper awareness of life and self. 

The process of human development is accelerated through love, acceptance, and empowerment. When others love us and help us learn to love ourselves, we grow quickly, our awareness matures, and we come to see the world in wholeness. But when we compare ourselves with impossible ideals, we seem to fall short and we tend to make ourselves wrong for not being good, right, loving, or perfect. This is the opposite of self-embrace and it delays whole being realization until we learn to accept and embrace who we actually are and what we actually feel in each moment. 

I’ll be adding short writings here that will help you recognize your own myths of enlightenment so you can free yourself from the mental prisons they create and quickly grow into full awareness and ownership of your uniquely beautiful self.